Monday, 22 August 2011

Vote for a group to recieve Aid from our charity in late September

During our visit one thing was clearly obvious, it was no good us just doing one aid mission, or two or three, but regular aid missions needed to be organised on at least a bi monthly basis. Our charity has now bought a van to allow us to do this, and we know we can fill that van....Problem is there are so many in need in Romania that to be honest the responsibility of choosing who gets the aid and who does not , does not sit well on our shoulders.

The aid will be split into 5 equal shares, the strays on the street get the first percentage, then GIA in Botosani and Animal Crew have been chosen by our team members to recieve a share each.. So that leaves another 2 groups for us to deliver aid to.

Thats where you guys come in. We are handing that bit over to you ............



On the 20th September the two who have the highest number of votes, we will visit the weekend of 23rd September. If the group/Individual isnt already on the poll, themn just add them and then vote for them!

We will do this for every Aid mission planned, so please do suggest a group and make sure you vote.

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