Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Romania Animal Aid Sept Aid Mission to Romania Appeal

In July 2011 our team visited Romania on a week long mission to deliver aid to where it was needed, met with mayors and decision makers, rescued animals left at the roadside..the list goes on and on. During our visit one thing was clearly obvious, it was no good us just doing one aid mission, or two or three, but regular aid missions needed to be organised on at least a bi monthly basis. So we made our minds up, bought a van,and are now planning Berthas (the RAA van pet name) first journey to Romania. The Aid mission will kick off on 22nd September.

The van that we have bought and customising to Defra standards will also be doubling as so many other things, we will be delivering aid, applying first aid at the roadside, rescueing injured and abused animals as well as delivering donations to those that need it the most. We need so many items to fill that van every other month, we simply are unable to do this alone...We need your help.

Please note we will be driving on route to Romania through France, then onto Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and finally, Romania. So we can arrrange collection points with our European friends so they can help with donations on route as well.

There are two ways you can help with this appeal, you can donate items or funds to buy items needed.
The items that we need are listed below as well as a justgiving link and paypal link for you to donate monies if you are unable to help with items but still want to help with the appeal.

We urgently need your help, and hope that in some way you can help fill Bertha so she can deliver her precious donations to those who are in such despetare need. Please contact us to arrange collection or for delivery address.


MEDICAL SUPPLIES  - These will be used to apply at the scene of where an injured animal is found or to treat an ongoing problem.

  • Drontal Worming Tablets
    Frontline Flea and Tick/Flea Treatment
    Dog bandages
    Canine Disinfectant wipes
    Ear Drops
    Medical Skin creams for various skin conditions
    Gauze  - For wrapping wounds or muzzling the injured animal
    Nonstick bandages, towels, or strips of clean cloth - To control bleeding or protect wounds
    Adhesive tape  - for bandages
    Milk of magnesia - To absorb poison
    Digital Thermometer
    Eye dropper
    Large syringe (type to give medicine)
    Food formulas
    Hydration formulas
    Nutriment treatments ( to add to water)
    Cotton tip buds - For cleaning delicate/small areas
    Empty plastic squeezy type bottles to flush wounds
    Antiseptic powder  - To apply to wet wounds
    Diarrhoea powder/tablets

FOOD  - This will be distributed to the strays we encounter as well as given to those in need

Please note all food donations must be sealed and within expiry date
  • Bags of dried dog food for adults
  • Bags of dried dog food for puppies/kittens
  • Powdered dietary formulas for adults
  • Powdered dietary formulas for puppies/kittens
  • Supplementary milk formula for puppies/kittens

Miscellaneous Items - These items are desperately needed, some will be used at the roadside by us or given to individuals who rescue and care for animals in Romania but simply cannot afford to buy them.

  • Blankets - These will be used at the roadside, also doubling as a stretcher. These will also be distributed to shelters and NGO's
  • Waterproof dog jackets - These will be used at the roadside and any spare will be distributed to shelters and NGO's
  • Plastic Dog shelters - These will be put in places such as woods and rural areas. Any spare will be given to shelters and NGO's
  • Dog cages/platic kennels, various sizes needed for animal rescuers to rescue animals and for shelter during the forthcoming witner months.

MONIETARY DONATIONS - There are a number of ways you can donate to this appeal. Please choose your preferred method of payment and click on the logo to be forwardeed to that site

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help.

If you are an individual or a group who has a dog/cat ready (fully vaccinated and passported) to be transported to one of the countries we will be passing back through on route to the UK. We are more than happy to transport them and drop them off with their adopter for you. We would be asking for a monietary donation for this as this will then help towards the aid missions fuel costs to and from Romania. There are 5 places available.

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