Monday, 22 August 2011

Flying the British flag for Romanian strays in the balconies on the day of the vote

I have just had this reply from Carmene Arsene in Romania.
"About the vote I do not a date, the Parliament is still in holiday. They will start work in September, first the bill will be discussed in the Committee and only after in plenum (earliest at the end of September)"

 Action for Romanian Animals ( the activist side of Romania Animal Aid) is intending to be there on the balconies on the day of the vote to show our disgust and opposition to this horrific proposal, with our Union jacks and No Euthanasia banners blazing...

 The journey to Romania and back will be by RAA bus with one overnight stop over at a motel.

If you are interested in joining us on the balconies at the end of September please let us know. Obviously the cost of petrol and your own accommodation will have to be split amongst all attending...But, we do need to be there. So please contact us and let us know your interest.

The RAA Team

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