Thursday, 20 October 2011

ACTION ALERT - Mayor of Targoviste planning horrific massacre of strays under false pretence

It has been learned that the Mayor of Targoviste is horrifically planning to massacre thousands of strays in his region under the pretence that they have rabies. 

He is expecting the Romanian and International community to believe his claims despite the fact that he provides no scientific proof to back up his claims and the fact that in 2008 he received a huge influx of cash to deal with this alleged problem back then. Also that the order 28/03/2008 states that all animals must be supervised and only those who are proven to have Rabies are to be humanely euthanised. No where in this order does it state this gives free range to kill all of the animals under the mayoral supervision!

Taking into consideration the above facts,  it is clearly obvious that the mayor is being wholly untruthful and we would suggest that it is more likely he is looking towards the thousands of euros this massacre will generate for his coffers when he invoices the Romanian Government for each stray that is caught, detained,killed and then incinerated.

Before Mr Tolea goes ahead with his vile and inexcusable plan we would suggest that he take into account the following.

1) Already Romania Government is fast becoming one of the most hated in Europe with their vile and disgusting mistreatment of animals in their country. 
2) Anything that affects public opinion will also affect businesses decisions to trade in such a country.
3) Tourism is already on the decline not because of the number of strays but the way the authorities in Romania treat them
4) The Romanian government both nationally and regionally is officially under investigation by the the European Commission (Triggered by Petition No. 0595/2011 lodged by Kendra Pinder of Romania Animal Aid) for mismanagement of funds in regards to the strays of Romania. If the mayor continues with his proposal and highlights his failure to deal with the supposed rabies outbreak in 2008 despite being allocated a huge influx of money. The mayor as will his staff , will come under scrutiny by the commission. This in itself could trigger economic sanctions being imposed which will in the long run deprive the mayor of much more than he would hope to gain by the horrific slaughter planned.

Please act now sending emails to the people/addresses below, and remind the mayor of the above points and also that he (as well as the Romanian Government) is on very unstable ground at the moment with the public, the international community and now the European Commission. That this proposed unfounded massacre of the strays will only highlight how inapt he is to govern the region of Targoviste and provide further proof to the EU Commission that the basis of Petition No. 0595/2011 is wholly correct and by this measure economic sanctions will not only be applied to his region but the Romanian government as well.


Email the Mayor himself : 

Send copies of your email to: and also stating this is what you have just sent to the mayor and how you expect them to act appropriately and immediately put a stop to this vile proposed unfounded massacre.
Contact your own MEP : Click here to find their details, notify them of this horrific proposal, but with these guys remember to highlight to them the petition and that by the mayors proposed actions, proves that that he mismanaged funds he was given to eradicate the supposed problem back in 2008.

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