Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fill a box with free samples of pet foods for our Aid Missions

There are many pet food companies that send free samples of their products to you. Today for instance I recieved a free sample box from Bakers which contained a days portion of their Bakers Meaty Balls and also a pack of 2 Bakers dental sticks. This I am donating towards the food donations for our forthcoming Aid Mission.

So all you would have to do, is say get 10 or more family members or friends to send apply for free sample packs and when they all arrive just collect them all, put them in a box and post off to us, or if you are close to one of our team members we will collect, or you could just find a whole load of companies that do this, and you could fill a box on your own....Some links below have been added below to start you off.

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