Saturday, 21 May 2011

Danube Delta Horses Rescued - Now they need your help

The early hours of this morning, I sat on my laptop along with others following the updates of the remaining horses already brusied,beaten,tortured and foals that had lost their mothers thanks to the previous days slaughter, as we heard that a convoy of 11 cars were following a truck destined  for the slaughter house, a slaughter house that the Romanian Government stated the remaining horses would not be going to.

For 24 hours the convoy followed the truck, not once did it stop to allow the animals to feed or be waterd. The truck legally could hold 20 horses,in this truck were 30+ horses already suffering with broken limbs and unimaginable injuries sustained by the previous days abuse at the hands of the Romanian Government.

Eventually as the the truck was stopped by the police, the full horror of what was happening in the compartments became obvious...The horses unable to move,had been trampled on, litterally standing in pools of their own blood. They were dehydrated,starving and severely injured. Two horses had died during the transit and were laying under the others hooves.

At this moment in time, the horses are now desperate for treatment. The groups who helped stop the truck have found some land,and the horses are being taken care of as much as these groups can. But they need you help,they need your money,every penny counts,they need you to contact local animal supplies and see if they will dontate medical items and mill supplements for the foals.
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Please forward details of pet supplies willing to donate medical goods Click here

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