Friday, 20 May 2011

A.F.R.A Online Radio

At this moment in time, when an animal welfare story hits the internet/news we activists are left confused,in the dark and not quite sure what is going on, who, when or how, or where we should focus our attention more affectivly to come to anothers aid or shout at a government or corporation when they have breeched animal welfare laws. Also the internet though an amazing phenomenon and has allowed us all greater connections globally, has taken the very real human element out of what is happening on the ground. What or who really does need help, what stories are pushed to the back if another major event happens.

Here at A.F.R.A we refuse to allow the people on the ground to not get the exposure or understanding that they deserve, These are the people on the ground, in the mud, eye witnesses to the worst of human cruelty and animal abuse, but also the best experiences of when things do go right...What gives us hope as a species.

Please be aware that unlike many radio stations and news agencies,we will not be silenced and will maintain an honest and objective attitude to everything that we cover.

If you have a story, an appeal or think you think our listeners would be interested in. Please do contact us by clicking here.

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