Monday, 16 May 2011

Botosani Massacre happening again as I sit here and type this

Today we have heard how there is plans within hours to kill these 5 remaining dogs under the guise of supposed disease. Now bare in mind this is what they said a week ago when they beat, tortured and butcherd over 240 dogs at this same shelter, all proven afterwards to be a complete and utter lie.

The Romanian Government are ignoring the thousands of emails and calls they are recieving in protest, we who live outside of Europe are unable to physically do anything about this. However the Romanians are not.

If this was in the UK I guarantee hundreds of people would have flocked to that shelter, ripping the gates off the hinges. I understand that some people may be scared of the police, but I bet the dogs about to be butcherd are far more scared of what they are about to face.

I cannot understand how people can allow this to happen, how they are not willing to get off their damned backsides and protest outside of that shelter, refuse to let vets or workers cars in, find a way in, get those dogs out. It is one thing to stand holding candles in memory of the 240 murdered just days ago, it is another to actually put yourself out there and actually bloody well rescue these dogs at all cost!

I wonder what the 240 souls who were butcherd last week would think of the same people who waved their candles in memory of them, but are not willing to go that extra distance to save their brothers and sisters about to go through living hell.
How empty that protest must seem to them, how utterly weak the human race can be.

If you cant get to Botosani because you live in another country etc, surely the least we owe the 240 lost and the 5 counting on our help is to post the following and hope that there are people in Romania who have enough backbone to actually do something that will make a difference!

Protestors of the Botosani Massacre, you are needed right now, more than ever. They are today going to kill the dogs left in that shelter. If you are reading this message just get in your cars, drive/walk to the Botosani shelter and if need be rip those gates of the hinges and get them dogs out. It has to be now, it has to be done, and done now. Stand up for those dogs in the only way you can now. Tomorrow it might be too late! Cross post and share this message across the net now!

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