Friday, 13 May 2011

13th May 2011 - The day that an Action Alert went global

On May 11th 2011 as we all know the Romanian Government yet again proved to the world how utterly vile , corrupt and without humanity they are. We all looked at our screens in horror as we read how over 220 dogs were needlessly massacred on the orders of the Mayor of Botosani. We saw the photos that had been taken of those same dogs, a little underweight but that is expected of animal being cared for by the Government in Romania. In general healthy, bright, with wagging tails as the volunteers who came daily to try and care for them visited them.

Many of these animals were not diseased and ridden with illness as the Romanian government and its corrupt vets would have the world believe. We can state this for a fact as the vast majority were being held at the shelter ready to be re-homed in other parts of Europe, within days they would have tasted freedom and love for the first time in their little lives. This also means that they were fully vaccinated and without any form of disease, again proving what utter liars the Romanian officials and those that work for them truly are.

I will not go into the horrific details of how these animals were murdered, this has already been reported upon but needless to say,these poor animals felt the hand, foot, blunt and sharp instruments of the shelter workers that evening and by the morning, when the volunteers returned to feed and care for the animals, instead of wagging tails and bright eyes staring back at them. They found nearly every single dog (barring a handful who escaped from the drunken workers during their killing spree) lifeless, bagged and ready for disposal!

The volunteers nor the animal welfare network had no warning of what was being planned, an obvious undercover operation took place between the Romanian Vet hired by the Mayor of Botosani Catalin Mugurel Flutur, upon the orders of the Romanian Government. The consequence was hundreds of innocent and defenceless lives were taken in the cruellest of ways.

Today however, on the 13th of May 2011, just two days after the Botosani Massacre, someone, somewhere did notify the animal welfare network that another mass slaughter was being planned, this time in Brasov. For the first time in this authors memory, thanks to the compassion of a kind soul notifying an animal lover of this news,and the power of the internet, an Action Alert was triggered and animal lovers from every corner of the globe took arms, or in this case one of the most powerful weapons on this earth today...They took to their keyboards.

As the author of this article sits here typing away, she doubts that many of the thousands who took to arms so to speak realise what part each and every one of them played in today’s piece of history. All they were interested in (and quite rightly too) was stopping the Romanian Government yet again massacring the defenceless. But history was made today, you see, though there are a phenomenal amount of amazing animal welfare groups and caring individuals out there,they are splintered across the globe. Though indeed they are connected via the internet, news like this normally takes a few days to really pick up pace and sadly it is the aftermath of a terrible event that goes global so quickly.

But this time, a very basic idea was implemented, A.F.R.A decided to throw a page together, added it to their 2011 Demonstration site. A very simple idea, on one page give everything that anyone needs immediately to take action. With the link to that page and a short description of why action was needed posted on a few key FB and social networking site walls, they knew the hearts and keyboards of animal lovers everywhere would do the rest. My goodness, didn’t they just... Thousands upon thousands of people across the globe within an hour reacted, and the subsequence of this was Romanian Embassies phone lines across the world were jammed, governmental mail boxes were full, the whole world knew of the Romanian authorities horrific plan.

The author can hope and pray that the Romanian government are not as stupid as she thinks they are, and will stop all thoughts of killing the strays of Brasov, realising that their every move is being watched and judged by the European and International community. However considering the backward mentality of Romanian Authorities and the greed of the mayors and their Dog killers she dreads to think what the actual outcome will be.
But...whatever it is, the Romanian people who do care for animals must now realise that they are not alone in this struggle, that the world does care, and that all it takes is one email, one phone call of such plans to leak outside of Romania, and the world is by their side fighting alongside them in the battle to end the cruelty that is Romania.

What the animal welfare groups and caring individuals who responded to the action alert must too realise, is that there is a need for them all to work together for one goal. Regardless whether you support horses, dogs, birds or cats it doesn’t matter. The main thing is together as a community we can do so very much, as long as we do not stay splintered. As long as we all pull together in one direction and share the same voice, just as we did today so much more can be accomplished for the animals of this world.

And this is where history was made today, by a single post that lead to an action alert being triggered, we created a wave that flooded the earth.Today is the day we as an international community can  say. That we sent a very clear message to the Romanian Government...That the world will no longer tolerate there cruelty, and we will do whatever it takes, to ensure that it ends!

Author: Kendra Pinder - Little Greys Rescue

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