Friday, 8 February 2013

How we help shelter dogs escape the horrific cycle of cruelty

Action Aid for Animals has many facets, one being our active involvement in helping the dogs from various Public Shelters ( Dog death camps) in various ways.

Depending upon what is reported to us about various shelters we will step into action and implement the following.
  • Petition and actively seek to meet with local authorities
  • Mediate between local animal welfare groups and city halls seeking to gain the groups entrance into the shelters
  • Provide Aid and financial help for vet costs, food and to pay for the release fee for a dog
  • Actively help local animal welfare groups to find forever homes for the dogs rescued from the shelters
  • Provide financial support for outside vets to visit the shelters and provide real veterinary care and to vaccinate against disease
  • Provide financial support for shelter dogs to be took to an outside vet and be spayed/neutered


Brutal Cruelty and Neglect

For the most part the majority of public shelters in Romania do not want the public let alone outsiders knowing what truly goes on behind the blood stained fur encrusted fencing and walls.

However it is all too well known that in these places the most horrendous cruelty and ardent abuse is carried out, in some shelters positively encouraged by the local municipalities. Below is just a brief list of goes on every single day in the majority of public dog shelters in Romania.

Overcrowding - Rather than spend public money on efficient catch, neuter and release programme the majority of municipalities will brutally catch dogs regardless of age, gender or health and throw them into huge fenced of areas.  There is no sectioning for size, gender, health or temperament.

Vicious attacks - What this means is the weaker, smaller or shyer dogs are viciously killed by larger stronger desperate packs within their kennels. Female dogs may come into season, this does not mean that they want to breed. Female dogs are brutally raped by packs of dogs over and over, for many of the male shelter workers this is hysterical to watch.

Females and Puppies - If the female is impregnated which of course is highly likely, if she survives long enough in these disease ridden hell holes, she is forced to try and give birth in the same kennel defending her pups as they are being born from being attacked or seen as a food source for other dogs motivated by starvation.

The puppies themselves if there mother is able to successfully defend them, will more than likely die an excruciating painful death from Parvo and Distemper caused by the filth and disease that is everywhere around them. They haven't the immunisation or strength to fight such disease as their mother simply hasn't the vitamins etc through her milk to pass onto them as she is starving herself.

For the pups who amazingly do not catch such diseases they will then start to wander through the huge gaps in the pens, entering into other kennels only then to be attacked and killed by the dogs in there.

Starvation and Disease - It is very easy to believe that the dogs are being fed because each city hall is allocated thousands and thousands of euros each year to care for and feed the dogs in its regional shelters. However the level of corruption is so disgustingly high. that no food is bought, or if bought the lowest of quality and barest minimum of food is given, whatever money is left over goes into the pockets of the shelter manager ( normally related in some way to the mayor)

Brutality and Inhumane Slaughter - The brutality and cruelty of the dog catchers in Romania is legendary,  so it will come as no surprise that considering the bulk of dog catchers also work at the public shelters the dogs are their prime targets for abuse and the most vilest of cruelty. In such places they have access to the dogs to beat, rape and kill in the most horrific of ways. In some shelters it is known the shelter workers have gambling nights using the defenceless dogs and pups as bait dogs for the dog fights they illegally organise and hold at the shelters.

Dog Killing is Big Business - Many ask why is all this allowed to go on, even positively encouraged by the local mayors and local police turning a blind eye? Simply put, the strays are big business in Romania.  A dog catcher will earn more money by catching and killing a dog than if the mayor and city officials advocated catch neuter and spay. To catch a dog, to keep it in a kennel, to kill it and to cremate it all is paid for by city hall.

The process above for each dog will put approx 110 euros into the pockets of the dog catchers and shelter management ( normally related to the mayor in some way)  Keeping in mind they will invoice city hall for food that is then sold on to private individuals and the dogs are left to starve, that the killing is not humane but brutal with beatings and iron bars. yet the shelter vet will claim they euthanised humanely despite evidence proving the contrary.

For that same dog, to catch, neuter and release the dog back to where it was found, would only bring in approx 45 euros per dog, it would stop the stray problem all together in under 8 years but where then would the dog catchers be able to cream off such a huge profit if the mayors would actually do what the rest of the civilised world knows is the only effective way to deal with increasing strays!


  1. The shameful, barbaric abuse of animals in Romania must stop. The European Parliament has been presented over the years numerous examples of what is going on, but still the brutality continues. We
    get EU directives on the shape of bananas etc, etc, etc and yet an urgent issue like animal abuse is mainly ignored and it's not just happening in Romania. Many caring people are trying to change things for the better and it's about time the Politicians listened to what is being said and did something NOW. It is utterly shameful that in 2013 this brutality is allowed to continue and I'm sickened by it.

  2. shame on you romania,you need to start treating animals with care instead of acting like barbaric slaughtermen. you need to right your wrongs and treat animals with dignety.The people in power that allow this to happen are a disgrace, why is it more expensive to brutally exterminate than to neuter and rehome and educate your people.The caring people of romania and europe need to shout out now STOP this now.