Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Romanian Strays Last Stand - We can't let them down

This really is the Romanian Strays last stand. In  a few weeks the Romanian Government will be pushing through a proposal that will allow the mayor of each municipality to decide or not to commit mass genocide of all strays in his/her region. Whether the strays are on the streets or within a public shelter.

We all know the vile and horrific methods used to kill these animals. This is normally the cheapest but not most effective ways. From posioning,to being beaten with a metal bar, puppies heads being smashed over and over against the nearest concrete wall to litterally being kicked and punched to death. There are even known cases of dogs being stunned then thrown alive into crematorium ovens and burnt to death.

We simply cannot allow this to continue, we cannot allow a free for all on these defencless animals. The animal rights laws are already being ignored and thwarted across Romania by the authorities, this amended law will mean there will  be no legal repercussions on the cruelty that will follow if this proposal is allowed to take hold in Romania.

By simply following the instructions from each of the sections on our action alert, you will be the voice of the defencless, you will be saying NO to this horrific proposal. must act now, time is running out.

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