Monday, 18 July 2011

How to clear your own shelter whilst infecting others - Ask Rolda, they will tell you how.

Please note that this elderly gentlman has already recieved threats from Dana Costin/Rolda in regards to speaking out about his experience with Rolda and her. We wish to make the public aware of this and that if there are any repercussions of any kind to Mr Cenac,his family or his shelter, the authorities will be notified.
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  1. I have no problem inform you that :1. I will report the abusive content of the Youtube film you uploaded maliciously. 2. I asked my lawyer to write a letter to Cenac demanding him public apologiases.I will keep you updated, meanwhile you are entitled to have a cyber-space where to spread your garbages around, for "naives".

  2. So rather than using evidence etc you should have to prove your innocence (if we were stupid enough to believe you were innocent) you would rather report a video to youtube and ask for a letter of apology???

    Too funny Dana, too funny.

  3. Wait till you see what comes next, love to know how the heck you are going to find enough excuses for the next stage of show and tell.... ;O)

  4. To provide you evidences? Who are you, by the way?! Nobody.
    I only post here because you write garbages about my charity, yes of course I will sue Cenac. What "repercursions" against Cenac, the life punished him enough, don't you see he is begging to kiss posteriors by slandering us, who helped him for years?! What to expect from such a low-character? And you, promoting a "video" recorded by american lunatec's "fan" - the video is 5 years old....leave your threats for those who give a ....about you!

  5. Threats???? Threats??? No Dana, what is going to happen is fact. I nor anyone is threatening you, regardless of your actions what I have stated is going to happen. People really need to know about you, many already do,and are collaborating with their own evidence and all at once, it will all be out there for the world to see.

    Who am I? You are quite correct I am no one,but I would rather be that, than what you are.

    5 years old - Thank you Dana for confirming your guilt. Seriously you just have...
    There is no time stamp on the video, no exact date is mentioned,and you are quite correct, Mr Cenac is speaking of events 5 years ago. Now how would you know that, if you did not know of the events he accuses you of?

    Tsk Tsk....Well done Dana, knew your gob somewhere along the line would drop yourself in it.

  6. It's very simple how I know - and this is an explanation for a person WITH brain, so not sure if you'll understand: I received the transcript of this piece of garbage from different sources, starting back 5 years ago....TSK TSK...

    My guilt?! You re-edit the garbages that Janes and RAR posted ages ago. You probably will come up with fake papers to go deep in the....dirt you created.


  7. Enjoy the YT film while you still can. The Youtube team will remove it within few days.I am sure you'll use other cheap dirty methods to slander my charity.

  8. "I don't know what papers you try to fake, in case you have any papers at all, but digging 5 years old subjects" How interesting...No one mentioned papers Dana,except you!

    I only mentioned evidence, infact the only thing that has been added here is a video, so why do you presume we have papers to produce?

  9. "You probably will come up with fake papers to go deep in the....dirt you created" Again Dana with the papers thing....No one but you has mentioned anything to do with papers.We could be producing anything Dana as evidence...

    What papers are you so terrified of anyone producing that you try to plant suspicion of them before anyone has even mentioned anything about papers?


  10. Now this site is very VERY interesting, proving beyond any doubt with verifiable evidence that you Dana Costin are an animal abuser,a thief,a con artist, an out an out liar, a forger, a home wrecker,a manipulator, a bully, basically one of the most vilest excuses of human life on this planet today....