Monday, 30 May 2011


Today as we all know the vote to amend the current legislation in regards to management of strays was postponed until tomorrow morning at 10am Romanian Time, 8am UK GMT time.

This vote is whether or not to amend the current legislation, in other words to make a change to the current law to bring in the new one or not.

Today’s vote ended in the following way:
65 to amend/change the law
61 Against changing the law
5 Undecided
5 Didn’t Vote at all

It is very important that we contact all that have voted and didnt vote, but our correspondence to each group must be coming at this from different angles. You will find a list of all who voted below, your own personal messages are needed now, please be polite at all times, even to the ones who voted to bring in the new law.
  1. Contact the Ministers who abstained from voting today (Link to them is below)
  2. Contact the Ministers who did not vote today(Link to them is below)
  3. Click here and go through the list and find the ministers who voted NU, thank them for being the voice of reason amongst this madness and how their actions would eventually show the rest of Europe that Romania is not a Barbaric country and that they have Europe’s full support and hope that they will consider working with the NGOs rather than opting to what mistakenly is being proposed is a quick fix.
  4. Click here and go through the list and contact the Ministers who voted DA/Yes to bringing in the new law. Strongly but politely urge them to change there vote
Ministers who Abstained
The Ministers who Abstained, were unsure of how to vote. Push the case forward in regards of animal cruelty, of Europe’s view of this barbaric proposed amendment and the huge outcry that was provoked from all across the globe when this new amendment was learnt by us all. It is Romania’s barbarity and cruelty towards strays that have decreased tourism, not the strays themselves. That the only way forward for Romania to gain the confidence of Europe again is by adopting an approach where the government works alongside the NGO's, focusing more on CNR programmes that mass euthanasia

Ministers who didn’t vote
The Ministers who did not vote, correspondence to these guys is the same as the ministers who abstained,but also emphasising how desperately their vote is needed to ensure Romania regained the trust of Europe again. That they must use their vote to STOP the new law taking affect,and the only amendment to the management of strays must be to work closely NGO's not against them